I have ALWAYS wanted to do a list of my favorite what better time than my first blog post in December! I think the best gifts are the ones that are a little indulgent, the ones that make you feel good inside and out! So here are some of my favorite things. some I created myself, some are created by people I adore.  Mostly created by women and all created by small business owners who care about health of humans and the planet as a whole! 

1. EARTH MAMA -- Essential oil blend (in organic jojoba carrier oil).  I am a firm believer in strengthening the Earth element.  Without a strong center it is hard to do anything else! This blend strengthens digestion, builds Yin, and supports your center.  Grounding, Warming, Nourishing. It contains German chamomile, Geranium, Coriander, and a drop of Cinnamon. Apply around your navel, add to your bath, or where on your pulse points. Available at

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2. GET UP GODDESS -- Custom Flower Essence.  I collaborated with the Amazing Lindsay Fauntleroy of Oceans and Rivers acupuncture on this and we are super excited about it! I see many amazing beings in my practice and it is my mission to help them realize how amazing they are!  GET UP GODDESS is a proprietary blend of flower essences which work on a subconscious level.  It was created to awaken your confidence, clarity and voice as you step into your own gorgeous power.  Available at

3. MERMAID SOAK -- Bath salts from Ariele's Apothecary in Hoboken.  Magnesium, Seaweed, Himalayan Pink Sea salt and Essential oils to  relax your muscles, detox your cells, relieve skin conditions, soothe achey joints and improve circulation! A step beyond epsom salts...delicious! BTW she also does an all natural bug spray that has people stopping me to ask about my "perfume"!

4. FUNKLESS -- Natural Deodorant.  I have tried EVERY natural deodorant and this is the ONLY one that works!  I absolutely promise! Magnesium and essential oils.  Healthy and smells delicious! Available on and

5. NIBI MTK CLUTCH -- brightly colored, tasseled, natural materials....Nibi Mtk is my fav boutique for all things beachy boho and apres yoga! Also check out the Kimonos and tasseled necklaces and bracelets with buddhas and ganeshas! Nibi is the local native american word for water and all sales include a donation to  Available at

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6. PALO SANTO WOOD -- the new sage.  Has the same clearing affect and smells divine.  Also! a great alternative to citronella as a mosquito repellent! I use it out in montauk all the time...(also great topically in oil form...) You can buy the wood on and the oil at

7. TULSI TEA -- we ALL need to be on adaptogens.  They support our adrenal health.  They adapt -- so if the adrenals are fatigued they give them a helping hand.  If they are overexcited they calm them down.  I like the ritual of a cup of Tulsi Tea and the end of the day to hit the "off" switch.  Also known as Holy Basil, tulsi was used by spiritual seekers to aid in meditation.  It is supposed to help you "see god" -- perhaps that is what happens when we finally relax! It is available as a supplement AND an essential oil, or you can grow it in your garden!

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, heart-centered holiday season!  I look forward to continuing the journey in the new year.

LouLou Piscatore