The past year I have been studying and working with flower essence blends and incorporating them into my treatments. I find they treat on a deep level, and can address the often hidden subconscious obstacles we have to healing. I can speak to their transformative powers professionally as well as personally. I recently interviewed the amazing Lindsay Fauntleroy (my teacher, and a master of flower essence therapy!) for NY Yoga+Life Magazine, and here is how she explains what they are, and how they work...



Flower Essence are vibrational plant remedies used to help us get out of our own way so that we can live fully and authentically. Often when I am speaking about flower essences, they get confused with essential oils, which are used in aromatherapy. Flower Essences are like a sibling to essential oils, and they are taken internally very much like you could take an herbal supplement. I have a student who once brilliantly called flower essences “vitamins for the soul” and I think that is spot on.


We often hear that at any given time we are only using 10% of our brain. The other 90% is our subconscious mind. The analogy is like that of an iceberg. The tip of the iceberg that breaks above the water represents our conscious mind; what we can actively perceive with our five senses, study, memorize, and mentally process at any given time. But beneath the surface? That’s where the magic is. Our habits, our instincts, our autonomic nervous system are all relegated to that 90% that we don’t have to think about. And it’s a good thing too, because
imagine how difficult our lives would be if we had to remind ourselves to breathe or remind our hearts to beat…

The problem is that our subconscious mind also contains an encyclopedia of conditioned responses and beliefs that were formed primarily as infants, in early childhood, and in situations of high stress or trauma. In psychotherapy, these patterns are called maladaptive schemas, In Yogic philosophy these patterns are called Samskaras. These emotional responses and beliefs, which are often in conflict to our stated (conscious) intentions, are accessed rapidly without our
even being aware of it.


This is where the magic of flower essences comes in. They bring awareness to the subconscious habits, behaviors, and beliefs that no longer serve us so that we can evolve into our fullest potential. It’s like taking a flashlight down deep under the water to look at “what’s
down there” beneath the waters. As we examine that part of the iceberg, that 90%, change begins to happen. We can start consciously creating new responses to situations, we can start embodying new truths. And as we do so change starts happening around us…

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